Pre-Scribe  is a service option of field measured countertops. Below are illustrations of the different service options.

  The countertop will be sanded to fit the actual wall (scribed)
  This option is designed for the professional as a labor saver
  or for the novice without the tools nor the experience.

Drop in
   The countertop will be fabricated to the smallest opening
   of the actual wall. This option allows the countertop to
   Drop In without obstruction. This option will leave unsightly
   gaps behind the countertop and will need to be covered
   in some fashion by the installer.

Customer Scribe
The countertop will be fabricated to the largest opening
   of the actual wall. Because of this over sizing, it is
   recommended that this option be reserved for the trade
   professionals. The yellow highlighted area represents
   the portion of the countertop that will need to be scribed.